Gospel Rocks Ranch was founded in 2021 by Jon and Katherine Hager out of a desire to share God’s love with children while introducing them to the fun and wonder of nature. This dream started in 1998 when Jon was teaching vacation Bible school (VBS) to inner-city kids in Austin, who seemed particularly interested in post-VBS stories about ranch life. The desire to teach God’s Word to children, introduce them to country fun, and give them opportunities for long-term biblical mentoring overtook Jon at that time and grew over the following 23 years of work toward this dream. In the meantime, Steve and Pat Hager, Jon’s parents, prayed daily for this ministry’s realization for nearly 2 decades.

Jon and Katherine got married in 2016 and Katherine developed a vision and passion to see this dream come to fruition. After moving to Marble Falls in 2018, God led Jon and Katherine to Gospel Rocks Ranch as a place for the ministry to reach kids in Austin, Kerrville, Llano, Kingsland, Burnet, Marble Falls and other surrounding areas.