Christian Buzzzzziness

How wonderful it is to observe a beehive at work and production! We see the many worker bees all fulfilling their roles for the common cause of hive health and reproduction. In this picture of one of our own hives, we see many things happening in this busy frame:

-Nurse bees taking care of eggs and larvae
-Worker bees building out comb
-Worker bees depositing honey in cells

Each of the 50,000+ bees in a hive works individually and together to fulfil its purpose of building and strengthening the hive. They must work quickly and efficiently to build strength and stores before the cold of winter comes.

When believers function in the same way – in the way that God meant us to function, the result is wonderful. We serve God individually out of our love for Him and we use our spiritual gifts together in the local church to bring Glory to God and to build His kingdom (Eph 4:16). There is no time for arguing, complaining or gossip – we must be busy about God’s work before Christ comes back to take His bride to Himself. Of course, the major fruit of our labor in Christ is eternal rewards. But there are many benefits here on earth.

-We edify and build spiritual strength in each other
-We encourage each other to prepare for trial and difficulty
-We nurse the young-in-the-faith along
-And the result is very sweet and appealing – lives characterized by love, joy and peace – a product that can be enjoyed by all!

Think about how you fit into the building of God’s kingdom. If you have trusted Christ as your personal Savior from your sins, you should be working through the Holy Spirit to serve Christ in the way that He would have for you. It is what we are here to do!

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