A New Journey

The thought of a new journey brings thrill and anticipation. Journeying means change – a new way of life. We meet people along the way who are like-minded. We have experiences that vivify our senses, making us feel life in an extraordinary way. Our sense of purpose is strengthened. However, those that enjoy these brief, new ways of life oftentimes rely on the assumption that the familiar, old way of life will be waiting for them at the end of their journey. So then what about a permanent new way of life? A journey from which there is no coming back?

Welcome to Gospel Rocks Ranch!

On our ranch, we want you to experience the bliss of following Jesus Christ our Lord on an adventure with Him where there is no turning back. For some, that may be communing with Him on our Prayer Rocks Ridge and getting a new direction in life. For others, it may mean serving Him in uncomfortable but invaluable ways reaching kids for Christ on our Youth Ranch Day. For yet others, it may mean trusting in Christ as their Savior and becoming…”a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor 5:17, ESV).

Come and feel the breeze in your face. Hear yourself think and pray in God’s creation, away from busy schedules and the bustle of the city.

Prepare for a new Journey.

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